From strategic visioning and planning, through design and construction, McGill provides a holistic and personalized approach to your project. Our multidisciplinary engineering, land planning and recreation, and consulting services are available in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. We deliver a broad range of engineering services, including civil, electrical, environmental, MEP, solid waste, water, and wastewater management. As part of McGill’s commitment to shaping communities, our land planning and recreation team is skilled in layering various cultural, systemic, and environmental components to create engaging spaces. The surveying and construction professionals we have on staff ensure that all projects are completed successfully, and our experienced consultants stand ready to guide you through the planning, funding, and various financial studies required to move your project forward.

Omc sewer pump station, town of burnsville

OMC Sewer Pump Station, Town of Burnsville, NC

Downtown streetscape, city of statesville

Downtown Streetscape, City of Statesville, NC

Highway 25 improvements, town of fletcher

Highway 25 Improvements, Town of Fletcher, NC

Elevated water tank, city of oxford

Elevated Water Tank, City of Oxford, NC

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